5G Network Equipment

What’s unique about Blu Wireless is our total system development capability which we provide through our vertically integrated solutions. The deep understanding of the core silicon to system products means that control and optimisation of our product from the radio up into the networking application layers sits entirely in house, eliminating any complex communication paths for our customers and delivering a complete robust product.

The Typhoon family of wireless modules enables evaluation and trial deployment of Blu Wireless 5G unlicensed millimetre wave technology as well as providing reference designs for end product design and a platform for software development.

Our complete Evaluation Kit

5g 60GHz communications evaluation module


  • Based on Blu Wireless HYDRA mmWave modem IP for IEEE 802.11-2016 DMG
  • 5G Infrastructure and high speed protocol extensions
  • IP67 packaging for outdoor trial deployments
  • ARM-based network processor, Linux OS
  • Fibre interconnect and 48 V power
  • PCIe radio/modem sub-assembly supporting integration with customer designs

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5g evaluation kit video

Target Applications

  • Ideal for trials, software development and specialist deployments
  • Fixed Wireless Access and 5G Infrastructure
  • Internet of Things applications
  • mmWave 5G on high-speed transport
  • Wireless backhaul
  • Network and application software development

With our Link Budget Calculator you can analyse and experiment with range and data speed estimation for a high-bandwidth connection for data rich application. Find out more below.

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5g smart cities

News and Insights on 5G mmWave

Learn more about the versatility and robustness of mmWave technology.

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    Employee Spotlight: Peter Birch

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    2nd March 2021 by Neill Young

    The role of mmWave in 5G backhaul solutions

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    Realising Smart Cities: A workable strategy

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    2nd February 2021 by Blu Wireless

    How Mesh Networks enable real world applications

    We previously discussed why mesh networks are an ideal solution to solving many of the problems innovators face when deploying 5G communications networks, especially across smart cities, private networks for industry, or Public Safety. As...

  • What is a mesh network?

    12th January 2021 by Blu Wireless

    What is a mesh network?

    In many real-world deployment scenarios for communications networks, particularly in industrial or smart city settings, a simple point-to-point connection does not offer the reliability or flexibility needed to support the wide variety of use cases...