Production Test Engineer

Employment Type: Permanent, full-time in the Systems & Platforms Team

Location: Bristol

Date: June 2019

About the Systems & Platforms Team

The team is responsible for the design and integration of all Blu Wireless platforms, encompassing everything from circuit, PCB design, mechanical assembly design and thermal management, to complete system integration.  The team works with external radio partners to evaluate radio performance, integrates radios into the system, and validates the system against requirements.  The team is also responsible for developing system tests and manufacturing tests, ensuring that we have repeatability and reliability across all our customer delivered products.

About the Role

This is an exciting time to join the Blu Wireless team, as we embark on an important phase of the company’s long-term goal to be a global player in mmWave technology.  We are in the process of a development program for the rail industry and require the knowledge and skill to be able to develop a manufacturing test system that will allow our external manufacturing partners to build and test our platforms.  Our finished products integrate an ARM-based Network Processing Unit (NPU) with the IDT RWM6050 baseband chip and an RFIC and antenna capable of providing multi-Gigabit wireless traffic.

You will be contributing to the next generation of multi-Gigabit wireless products, participating in the specification, design and implementation of high throughput systems.

You will be involved in system integration and validation, helping to analyse how the wireless links behave in fixed-wireless and high-speed transport network deployments and working on innovative techniques to improve performance and reliability.

This is a multi-disciplined task that requires knowledge of:

  • SW process infrastructure, such as Jenkins, JIRA, GIT and Gerrit, enabling a controlled build environment
  • Scripting languages to allow automation and benchmarking
  • Ability to read, understand and contribute to code design, such as radio drivers
  • The ability to read HW schematics and PCB layouts
  • Board and system bring-up
  • Familiarity with state-of-the-art RF test equipment, analyzers and oscilloscopes
  • Radio system and performance measurements
  • Knowledge and familiarity of standards, such as IEEE 802.xx and 3GPP
  • The ability to identify system issues, debug them and contribute to solutions to problems
  • Manufacturing test system development for system & sub-system tests
  • Circuit board level test development for manufacturing assembly line

Other useful attributes that are nice to have, but are not essential are:

  • Ability to develop tools that help with automation
  • The ability to identify system issues, debug them and contribute to solutions to problems
  • Knowledge of PHY and Modem systems
  • Knowledge of RF systems operating up to mmWave frequencies

About You

Your technical abilities:

  • You should have a degree in a relevant Engineering discipline with 10+ years of experience.
  • You should be familiar with a product development environment, with experience of using engineering tools, such as: version and configuration management systems (e.g Git), build systems (such as Jenkins), defect tracking, quality measurement & test coverage tools.
  • An ability in programming in C/C++ in embedded systems will be an advantage
  • Use of Linux command shells and shell-scripting, experience with Python is also highly desirable

Awards & Partnerships