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Carrying more than voice and simple datagrams to and from the tactical network edge poses a technical challenge for current defence and security systems. The need for HD image, video, and sensor data from tactical level back to the control centre is rising. These high bandwidth, data-intensive applications for Air-to-Air, Air-to-Ground and On-the-Move communications, as well as tactical platform manoeuvring and C5ISR require a resilient, flexible, and secure network that is optimised for even the most challenging environments, can integrate into existing systems, and avoids a single point of failure.

An integrated, covert communications platform

IEEE 5G Wireless equipment, using the mmWave frequency bands at 57-71 GHz, has the unique ability to meet this technical challenge, and deliver robust and covert multi-gigabit edge computing communications to the tactical edge. Moreover, mmWave coexists with existing technologies, and allows integration of multiple data sources and communications across a wide range of operations, including space, air, land, and sea, which is a key strategic challenge for the future of military command and control.

The technology at a glance

Our mmWave wireless communication systems deliver high-quality, quick-to-deploy, advanced security networks for our customers. Based on IEEE 5G the Blu Wireless networking equipment seamlessly meets the needs of tactical communications:

  • Small, light and power efficient
  • Standalone, secure & stealthy
  • Beamforming enables a covert communications platform (LPI/LPD)
  • Can easily be interfaced to other communications systems
  • Flexible use of non-commercial spectrum
  • Resilient to single point failures and channel interference
  • Provides peer to peer mesh networks
  • Simple and rapid set-up

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If you’re interested in learning more about this transformative technology and how our mmWave equipment can be applied within defence and security, get in touch with our CMO Mark Barrett, or Director of Business Development Ryan Coyne on the IFSEC Online platform.

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