Silicon Design Services

By assisting semiconductor customers looking for external expertise for all, or any part of their own SoC development, Blu Wireless can provide these customers a dedicated team to address some of the most complex design challenges on advanced process nodes.

Our team can assist on anything from custom asic development, solution, and design to SOC design services, based on specific customer requirements. We can support a variety of needs ranging from front-end design, verification to modelling. As an agile team, we can offer design consultancy for either the entire or only some aspects of the design project.


An extension of your silicon team

With decades of experience in bringing to market complex products on the most advanced process nodes, our market leading design team provide specialised silicon consultancy. Customers can rely on us on a complete service from requirements definition and capture to post-fabrication validation, software development and end customer support services – and everything in between.

Unlike other market players, our wireless mmWave Systems Products are based on silicon devices specified and developed by our very own, highly experienced silicon design team. Fully integrated with your team and with a unified purpose, we apply this experience to collaborate with you to address your, and your customers, requirements at an industry beating pace.

Blu Wireless team


Our unique blend of best-in-class expertise, customer service and track record are what sets us apart in the mmWave wireless domain. As pioneers in delivering carrier-grade Silicon for 5G mmWave applications, with a product performance second to none, the Blu Wireless silicon team have extensive experience in:

  • SoC and System architecture
  • Modem design and modelling
  • Front end design and verification
  • Back-end design down to 7 nm
  • Full product emulation – either on FPGA or commercial emulation platform
  • Semiconductor process and vendor selection
  • IP sourcing and integration
  • Industry standard tools, foundry, test, and packaging house interfaces
  • Cost and yield analysis
  • Deeply embedded and driver software
Pioneering Silicon Design

“Blu Wireless had a major impact on our business in terms of acceleration; we got up and running very quickly with a very experienced team, so that saved us a lot of time and reduced risk.”

Peter Claydon, President

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Steadfast design flow and methodology

Our team understands the importance of design flows and methodology for IP and SoC design.

  • Our design flows and tools are developed and maintained by a cross-functional team. This allows us to flexibility combine different sets of expertise from across the business and respond more effectively to the development team’s requirements.
  • Our subsystem and SoC integration methodology are highly automated, thanks to the adoption of an IP-Xact-like flow. This enables to use a highly abstracted language to generate connectivity, register interfaces, and software header files, as well as the early application of rule checks, like type matching or width consistency.
  • All software developed for silicon design automation is tested stand-alone over representative designs, before being used for real IPs and SoC.
  • This fast and efficient creation of hierarchy levels in RTL can be used to rapidly restructure the front-end code organization to better match the back-end partitioning strategy, avoiding or limiting the needs for complex post RTL restructuring step and loss of hierarchical match between front-end and back-end netlists.
Design methodology

Target Applications

  • Fixed Wireless Access and Enterprise Broadband Infrastructure
  • 4G and 5G Small Cell and Microcell Backhaul
  • High-Speed Transportation Communication – V2I, V2V and V2X
  • Industry 4.0
  • Consumer and Commercial Ethernet Extenders
  • Tactical defence communications
  • Smart City and Public Safety communications
  • Perimeter Security

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    The next frontier of connectivity

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