Articles tagged Employee Spotlight

  • Employee Spotlight: Chris

    19th November 2019 by Blu Wireless

    Employee Spotlight: Chris

    In the last five years, Chris has transitioned from being a part-time team member and Master’s student to a successful full-time Senior Engineer, playing a vital role in improving Blu Wireless’s technology. We spoke to...

  • Employee Spotlight: Stephen

    4th September 2019 by Blu Wireless

    Employee Spotlight: Stephen

    Stephen has been with us at Blu Wireless for a year and is an important member of the team. From beginning of his time with us as part of the Hardware team helping with production...

  • Employee Spotlight: Nadine

    11th June 2019 by Blu Wireless

    Employee Spotlight: Nadine

    Nadine is a key member of the Blu Wireless team. With 18 years’ experience in the wireless industry across integration and test, software development and hardware/software support, including positions at picoChip and BlackBerry. Nadine’s role...

  • Employee Spotlight: Tom

    7th May 2019 by Blu Wireless

    Employee Spotlight: Tom

    Tom is one of our best Radio Communications Engineers and a vital part of the team. While working on his PhD, he also wrote the software to interface the first radio used at Blu Wireless,...

  • Employee Spotlight: Rula

    12th March 2019 by Blu Wireless

    Employee Spotlight: Rula

    Rula is an essential component of our team of Front-End Design and Verification Engineers. Originally from Jordan, Rula began her career in London as an IT Software Engineer for Lebanese TV station. For the last...

  • Employee Spotlight: James

    29th January 2019 by Blu Wireless

    Employee Spotlight: James

    James has played an integral role in powering High-Speed Transport connectivity. An Embedded Software Engineer, James has 20 years of experience in the industry and is an expert in his discipline. While developing crucial pieces...