Articles tagged Employee Spotlight

  • Employee Spotlight: Liz Ward

    9th August 2021 by Blu Wireless

    Employee Spotlight: Liz Ward

    Liz Ward, our Finance Technician, has recently transitioned into this new role from the Admin Team. We’ve sat down with her to discuss what drove her to make the change and how Blu Wireless supported...

  • Employee Spotlight: Peter Birch

    10th March 2021 by Blu Wireless

    Employee Spotlight: Peter Birch

    Peter Birch, a Senior Front-End Design Engineer, has been part of the Blu Wireless team for three and a half years. During this time, he has become an integral part of the Silicon Team. From...

  • Employee Spotlight: Leo

    14th January 2020 by Blu Wireless

    Employee Spotlight: Leo

    Leo, from Naples, has worked with the Implementations team for two years at Blu Wireless. With over 20 years’ experience in the field, he has become crucial to our microchip testability process. We recently spoke...

  • Employee Spotlight: Chris

    19th November 2019 by Blu Wireless

    Employee Spotlight: Chris

    In the last five years, Chris has transitioned from being a part-time team member and Master’s student to a successful full-time Senior Engineer, playing a vital role in improving Blu Wireless’s technology. We spoke to...

  • Employee Spotlight: Nadine

    11th June 2019 by Blu Wireless

    Employee Spotlight: Nadine

    Nadine is a key member of the Blu Wireless team. With 18 years’ experience in the wireless industry across integration and test, software development and hardware/software support, including positions at picoChip and BlackBerry. Nadine’s role...

  • Employee Spotlight: Tom

    7th May 2019 by Blu Wireless

    Employee Spotlight: Tom

    Tom is one of our best Radio Communications Engineers and a vital part of the team. While working on his PhD, he also wrote the software to interface the first radio used at Blu Wireless,...

  • Employee Spotlight: Rula

    12th March 2019 by Blu Wireless

    Employee Spotlight: Rula

    Rula is an essential component of our team of Front-End Design and Verification Engineers. Originally from Jordan, Rula began her career in London as an IT Software Engineer for Lebanese TV station. For the last...

  • Employee Spotlight: James

    29th January 2019 by Blu Wireless

    Employee Spotlight: James

    James has played an integral role in powering High-Speed Transport connectivity. An Embedded Software Engineer, James has 20 years of experience in the industry and is an expert in his discipline. While developing crucial pieces...