Blu Wireless appoints new Chairman and CFO

Blu Wireless has recently made two new significant senior appointments. CEO Henry Nurser and the team are delighted to welcome Hemant Mardia, Chairman, and Sean Cassidy, CFO, to the board. Both have impressive backgrounds in telecommunications and technology, with extensive experience of evolving technically deep companies into global successes and make great additions to the Blu Wireless leadership team.

As a public company CEO and qualified electronic engineer, Hemant has a strong record in founding and transforming technology businesses to commercial success. In his previous role as CEO at leading biometrics technology provider, IDEX, he succeeded in raising $150m from several blue-chip investors, and grew the small, Norwegian R&D company into a leading international player and a multi-million-dollar business. Prior to this, Hemant was CEO of Filtronic Plc, a leading provider of wireless products to the tier-one customers in the telecoms market and listed on the FTSE market.

“Blu Wireless is in a unique position and I believe their market opportunity to deliver gigabit wireless connectivity is huge,” Blu Wireless Chairman, Hemant Mardia, has commented. “Their technology is very compelling – silicon is complex to work with and their success in developing it with Silicon Valley player IDT is a major achievement. Personally, I am only interested in working with world-class companies, so I have been impressed by Blu Wireless’s ability to attract such notable tier-one partners and investors such as ARM.

“Henry is very capable and the founding team have done a great job. Their proven success in real-world trials is important. It is one thing to have a technology that works but applying it in the real world is the true indicator of success.”

In his new role, Hemant’s priority will be to use his wealth of experience scaling technology companies to achieve international growth and success for Blu Wireless in multiple markets, including 5G technology, high-speed transport and video streaming.

The appointment of new CFO, Sean Cassidy, to the board will also be a positive step for Blu Wireless’s growth. Experienced in commercialisation and international expansion, Sean’s background has been in handling change management and multi-million-dollar budgets for global, blue-chip telecoms companies in the USA and Caribbean.

Blu Wireless CFO, Sean Cassidy, has said, “My initial impressions were that there is a lot of intellectual firepower in this business and a strong quality of R&D. The technology that Blu Wireless has is really exciting and, speaking from experience, I think it has the potential to solve many of the challenges telecoms operators have been facing, particularly around the cost of data delivery and the seamless integration of mobile and fixed data.

“I see a huge degree of commercialisation and expansion for Blu Wireless in the near future. My goal is to strengthen the organisation from an internal processes perspective. That will mean more rigour around planning, budgeting and forecasting, as well as more visibility to prevent issues with bottlenecks and resourcing. This should result in better transparency on delivery milestones for the business and, all importantly, even happier clients.”

CEO Henry sees these appointments as a critical milestone for the business: “Hemant and Sean are both very accomplished. I am positive that their combined expertise in strategically scaling technology businesses into international market leaders will provide a solid foundation for Blu Wireless as we grow the organisation. I look forward to working with them and bringing the potential of our technology into new markets and applications.”