Connectivity at 160+ mph

Tunnels, reflective surfaces and high speeds. The traditional causes of intermittent internet access onboard are no match for the ultra-high bandwidth of 5G mmWave.

As our professional and personal lives become more connected, there is a clear demand for quality connectivity and experience for passengers opting for train travel so a complete solution that is resilient, high performing and quick to deploy is key.

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Seamless Commuter Connectivity

Seamless commuter connectivity can become a reality. Our solution for high-speed rail is proven to deliver seamless connectivity of up to 3 Gbps – even at 160 miles per hour.

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How It Works

We believe integration should be straightforward.

That’s why we have delivered a world-first, track-to-train application using lightweight, inexpensive trackside infrastructure to build our multi-gigabit, small cell networks and is already deployed in partnership with evo rail, a subsidiary of First Group, along one of the World’s busiest trainlines, SWR (South Western Railway). We connect small-scale trackside access points to train roof receivers that are connected to Wi-Fi access points.

This makes the setup fast and un-intrusive and means barriers to entry are minimal. Blu Wireless offers the best performing system products on the market, that solves connectivity problems, boosting overall service and experience for all end users.


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