Cost effective and power efficient

Blu Wireless’ high bandwidth, high capacity millimeter wave (mmWave) technology uses the RWM6050 baseband modem to deliver a cost effective and power efficient solution.

Designed in collaboration with Renesas, the RWM6050 can be paired with mmWave RF chipsets to provide a highly configurable radio interface. The RWM6050 unlocks multi-gigabit througput at several hundred meters for access and backhaul markets.

The RWM6050 features flexible channelisation modes and modulation coding to scale bandwidth up to multi-gigabit data rates, featuring dual modems including the mixed-signal front-end.


  • mmWave modem with PHY + MAC + ADC/DAC + beam forming subsystems
  • Modulation and Channelisation support
  • Beamforming support with phased array antenna
  • Digital front end processing
  • Programmable real-time scheduler
  • Integrated network synchronization

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Please see our mmWave Link Budget Calculator to see how the RWM6050 baseband modem can unlock performance for your specific link characteristics.

For more information, such as a datasheet or support for your RWM6050, please see our Contact Us page.

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