Private Networks & Backhaul Solution

A complete portfolio of technology enabling, innovative mmWave wireless network products and services means 5G backhaul is fully supported and high performance networks empowered.

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5G Backhaul product

5G Rail

Blu Wireless 5G mmWave solution for high-speed transport provides continuous, on-the-move multi-gigabit connectivity between trackside and train for on-board services including internet access, entertainment, and information that you can rely on.

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5G Tactical

With no reliance on fibre optic or cabled networks, availability of spectrum and flexibility of equipment, the Blu Wireless 5G mmWave networking solution offers the ability to make legacy platforms and future assets interoperable.

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Mobile Connection Manager

Blu Wireless’s Mobile Connection Manager is a new approach to managing multiple links within a 5G mmWave network and was designed with built-in flexibility. Customers in need of reliable, flexible, and high bandwidth connectivity for rail or vehicle applications benefit from a range of behaviours that can be tailored to their specific needs.

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Application Software

Blu Wireless’s application software encompasses everything a service provider would need. The high performance, IEEE 802.11 ad and 11 ay 60 GHz Wi-Fi standard compliant software with higher layer stacks, enables, wireless mesh networking, mobility, and network management.

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bh2 chip

IP Licensing and Turnkey

Our team of experts can develop specific and proprietary building blocks for the HYDRA core Silicon IP, as well as offering a full Turnkey SoC Development, based on individual customer requirements.

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