Delivering real-time actionable insights

Whether for an industrial complex, mobile applications or government authorities, having a secure, high bandwidth network that enables real-time, actionable insight is critical. Our mmWave equipment is easily deployed and particularly well suited for military C4ISR applications such as scalable tactical communications – where changing requirements for data rates, vehicle speed and numbers of network nodes can all be dynamically driven.

Mesh networks can connect hundreds of devices, working in tandem with existing technologies to create a holistic system that puts you in control of security management. The high-bandwidth and flexibility of our complete mmWave solutions make this possible, simultaneously reducing latency and increasing data processing performance.


Delivering robust, holistic perimeter defence

We know required communications ranges and throughput can vary for different applications. This is why we work closely with our customers and partners. We ensure our mmWave equipment is tailored to the application’s needs, meeting the range and bandwidth requirements of their applications and future growth ambitions. This is especially crucial for highly mobile devices requiring gigabit grade and reliable connections; and applications providing threat intelligence and detection systems.

Our vast expertise in the domain of wireless communication systems and mmWave allows us to deliver high-quality, quick-to-deploy, advanced security networks for our customers, and customise connected solutions for even the most complex of environments.


Technical highlights

With smart and adaptable functionality, our technology is designed to be deployed rapidly and facilitate a range of needs, helping security teams perform to their highest ability.

  • High bandwidth for real-time data processing and communication
  • Seamless connectivity between vehicles, both on the ground and in the air
  • Flexible networks enable reliable connections in difficult environments
  • Mobile connection manager selects best network link and enables networking at high mobility
  • Multi-path resilient, self-healing networks
  • Long range communications
  • Beamforming
  • Low probability of interception or detection
  • Minimal touch time for set-up

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“We’ve been lucky enough to partner with some of the best firms in the communications industry and we consider Blu Wireless as a member of the top echelon. The senior leadership team’s technical and engineering prowess is second to none – both of which are critical for successful product development.”

Customer, Aerospace Sector


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  • The next frontier of connectivity

    The next frontier of connectivity

    The insight paper explores the role of unlicensed mmWave in tomorrow's networks, it's power and flexibility, testbeds that are accelerating 5G development and more.


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