Sophisticated and dependable  

Blu Wireless’ PhantomBlu mmWave platform supports tactical connectivity between vehicles on land, at sea or in the air, allowing users to run applications and IP networking (L2 or L3) over the top of the Anti-Jam resistant mesh network. Our configurable, flexible, and stealthy mmWave mesh network solution delivers unparalleled data handover time and LPI (low probability of interception) and LPD (low probability of detection) communications at range.

PhantomBlu can be customised and scaled for any environment or application, from critical infrastructure security, vehicles in convoy, to airborne platforms such as high-altitude autonomous ISR. No matter what tactical range, situational or environmental challenges to be overcome, we can deliver integrated solutions that can be deployed over vast areas and infrastructure, connecting many applications throughout, meeting operational objectives with minimal risk to personnel.  

The most advanced communications solution

With no reliance on fibre optic or cabled networks, availability of spectrum and flexibility of equipment, the PhantomBlu 5G mmWave networking solution offers the ability to make legacy platforms and future assets interoperable. The integration of data from sensors, electronic weapons, cyberspace and more across every domain is complex and so to share and communicate C4ISR data securely and seamlessly needs sophisticated, high-bandwidth, flexible communications at the front line. By working with Blu Wireless, you can feel confident that your force has the most advanced solutions, giving them the best possible operational advantage and optimised safety.

PhantomBlu’s offering:

  • Can extend Line-of-Sight range of up to 4Km and beyond through sub channelization methods and increased transmit EIRP
  • Real-time, wireless digital signal processing (DSP) methods minimize co-channel interference
  • Is a proven 5G ready solution under evaluation and test by US Army, UK MoD and French MoD
  • Supports ease of integration with defence communication networks
  • Future proof with a road map to 10X higher data rate performance


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360 tactical node

mmWave for 5G Tactical

  • Extended Line-of-Sight range

  • Real-time processing

  • 5G Ready for Defence

  • Ease of Integration

  • Roadmap to 10X higher performance

Technical highlights

With smart and adaptable functionality, our technology is designed to be deployed rapidly and facilitate a range of needs, helping security teams perform to their highest ability.

  • High bandwidth for real-time data processing and communication
  • Seamless connectivity between vehicles, both on the ground and in the air
  • Flexible networks enable reliable connections in difficult environments
  • Mobile connection manager selects best network link and enables networking at high mobility
  • Multi-path resilient, self-healing networks
  • Fully complementary to fibre and 3GPP wireless access technologies
  • Long range communications to 4km and beyond
  • Antenna Beamforming with Anti-Jam resistance
  • Low probability of detection and interception
  • Minimal touch time for set-up
  • Aggregated links for scalable networks
  • GCMP AES 128/256 bit encrypted wireless connection
  • Future proofed for advanced SON and mesh configurations
  • Variable frequency channelization to support extended range (4 km+) and ultra-dense system deployments
  • License exempt, supporting operation over 57-71 GHz (EU and USA)
  • JOSCAR registered

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