Operational efficiency second to none

If you want a seamless, high-speed communications solution for high-speed transport, then Blu Wireless offers the complete product.

The trackside node is qualified for trackside deployment with extended service life and low maintenance. Deployed at 1km intervals this unit provides the bridge between multi-link wireless connections to trains and a trackside fibre network. The compact train-top node is qualified for train-top installation with a separate in-train network processor unit which provides the interface to in-train distribution and delivery systems such as Wi-Fi.

Both units each feature two-sector radios which work together to maintain around 3 Gbps aggregate throughput, continuously and at speed. Operational efficiency is second to none, where resilience, speed and performance is world leading. This complete product is quick to roll-out, readily available and already deployed across one of the world’s busiest railways, South Western Rail (SWR), alongside evo rail, a First Group subsidiary, boosting overall connectivity and experience for all commuters.

Multi-gigabit connectivity on the move

Blu Wireless 5G mmWave solution for high-speed transport provides continuous, on-the-move multi-gigabit connectivity between trackside and train for on-board services including internet access, entertainment, and information that you can rely on. Real time data can be processed at rates more than 100 times faster than current 4G technology meaning an enhanced, more productive, and safer journey.

evo rail, in partnership with Blu Wireless, are delivering rail-5G, which is the first global multi-gigabit communications service specifically designed for railway. Power consumption is considerably lower than that of mobile 4G or 5G but communicates data up to 100 times faster than mobile 4G, significantly improving operational efficiencies and commuter experience. Consistent delivery of over one gigabit per second (Gbps) throughput to a moving train will enable passengers to access huge amounts of data instead of what they currently share which is a fraction of this capacity.

A real step change for the future of train travel.

Connectivity on the move

Technical Highlights

  • Full environmental rail certification to EN50155
  • Throughput up to 3.5Gbps
  • 57-71 GHz compliant with CEPT 70 03 and FCC Part 15.255 radio regulations
  • Mobile Connection Manager for wireless link management
  • Supports all six IEEE 802.11ad channels

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  • Mobility Product Brief

    Mobility Product Brief

    How does our technology work for high-speed transport? Find out more about our multi-gigabit connectivity rail-qualified mmWave modules for track-side and train-top deployment.


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