End-to-end solution

mmWave technology for 5G levels of throughput will allow dramatic changes for data connectivity across multiple applications. As an integrated platform, providing the full end-to-end application software is complex requiring detailed understanding of the technologies from the beginning of the link to the end, as well as sophisticated programmability. Blu Wireless provides this knowledge of the end-to-end requirements across an ecosystem of 5G hardware, software and systems. Our extensively tested, commercially deployed application software offers a sophisticated solution with the highest data throughput, performance, range, and mobility.

Silicon product

Highly programmable software

A programmable platform is only as good as its software. Detailed expertise in the software development of both the physical link, the standards and the applications is essential to deliver the best performance of a millimetre wave communications link. Our flexible, high performance hardware architecture allows additional features to be added in software rather than relying on new versions of a chip. This provides our customers with the flexibility needed to set up high performance mmWave networks for demanding applications and be able to respond to changing requirements swiftly.

Target Applications

  • High-Speed Transport
  • Mobile backhaul infrastructure
  • Industry 4.0
  • Wireless Ethernet extenders
  • 5G smart city/mesh networks
  • Perimeter Security
  • Public Safety and Defence
  • Fixed Wireless Access
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