Blu Wireless breaks 1Gbps uplink speed record in maritime 5G trials

Blu Wireless, the leader in mmWave technology, has today announced the results of its maritime 5G trials that demonstrated industry record-breaking uplink speeds, some 3-4 times faster than those of competitors. The trials, that took place in Singapore and France in January of this year, reached 1Gbps at 1km, and an average of 410 Mbps over distances of up to 4km (in real-world deployments).

The speeds were achieved through advanced beamforming technology and link stability, with a combination of client and distribution nodes, including a dual TN201SC mounted in 360° orientation installed on the ship communicating to a DN201SC shore side unit.

Mark Barrett, Chief Commercial Officer at Blu Wireless, comments: “These multiple trials have demonstrated how mmWave communications can be used to show a proof of concept for complex maritime use cases, or in fact any outdoor space use cases, and the results are a significant step forward for the industry. We have a proven product solution that’s flexible, easy to deploy, compatible with other networks such as fibre, and can solve capacity and reliability issues in the maritime sector.”

The trials will enable the maritime sector to reap the benefits of 5G, supercharge existing equipment, save money and time. They are also paving the way for future incorporation of smart and autonomous systems into these environments, enabling businesses to scale their operations and deliver the best possible service.

Blu Wireless’s technology can be applied for three key capabilities for maritime use cases; mass data offload from ship-to-shore as the ship approaches a port, ship-to-ship data exchange when passing at sea as well as perimeter surveillance using a private network.

The trials also showcased the sophisticated capabilities of Blu Wireless’s mmWave technology, such as advanced meshing, data throughput in quarter bandwidth, range performance and link coverage, beam steering and beam acquisition.