The mmWave Testbeds Accelerating 5G Development

5G and millimetre wave (mmWave) technology will allow dramatic changes for data connectivity. As an integrative technology, no one company can provide the full end-to-end application hardware and software, so testbeds have been developed between various partners to iron out the wrinkles of this innovative approach and demonstrate what is possible. This is inspiring new applications and advanced ways to connect technologies together.

Blu Wireless has contributed to several consortia bringing business together with academia to deploy 5G testbeds across the UK and Europe. A good example is Surrey University linking with big players such as Telefonica, Vodafone and Huawei through their 5G innovation centre, encouraging smaller companies (SMEs) to enter the 5G mobile market. Universities have also realised the benefits of functioning like a business with a shift in focus towards innovation rather than research and papers.

The AirSpan-led AutoAir project and the 5G-Picture project, further demonstrate the power of cross-border collaboration. More of it will allow us all to reap the benefits of pervasive 5G sooner.

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