Programmability drives 5G open network development

Closed networks are dead. To be effective, wireless networks increasingly have to be constructed from a range of technologies, protocols and frequency bands. One opportunity has been the opening up of the millimetre wave (mmWave) bands, particularly from 57 to 71GHz.

However, to take full advantage of the power of 5G in the mmWave bands requires a challenging combination of high performance, flexibility, and programmability in the system. New standards for the mmWave bands are defining data rates of over 100Gbps, requiring ultra high-speed processing in the radio chips and high levels of responsiveness with latencies under 1ms. At the same time these chips and systems have to be flexible enough for multiple application areas. This requires a sophisticated combination of silicon, software, system expertise and engineering customisation.

Over the last decade at Blu Wireless, we have been working on how these 5G technologies can be used in the millimetre wave frequency bands flexibly and cost effectively.

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