Blu Wireless to demonstrate HYDRA gigabit modem IP targeted at mmWave communication

Blu Wireless announces the successful validation of the lead implementation in 40nm CMOS of its HYDRA IP.  Blu Wireless’s HYDRA gigabit modem is aimed at millimetre wave communication applications including ‘WiGig’ 802.11ad and wireless Back Haul for LTE mobile networks. The HYDRA System IP provides a complete multi-Gigabit capable baseband processor with all the associated firmware for the PHY and MAC functions needed for its customers to build their own millimetre wave gigabit wireless modem integrated circuits.

HYDRA is based on a unique and patented architecture, which combines software defined parallel processing functions that are controlled using a highly efficient MIPS microAptiv CPU with hardware accelerators for fixed communication functions.  This allows customers to adapt and add value to wireless modem applications with unique algorithms for channel equalisation, modulation or beamforming – all programmable through the robust, industry standard software tools provided by Imagination Technologies for its MIPS CPUs.

Since late 2014 the lead HYDRA System on Chip implementation has been integrated with a 60 GHz phased array radio front-end to create Blu Wireless’s Lightning evaluation and development platform.

Henry Nurser, Blu Wireless Technology CEO said: “The successful validation and demonstration of our HYDRA Gigabit System IP represents a major milestone in Blu Wireless’s technology roadmap.  Customers looking to license HYDRA for their own millimetre wave products can now be confident in going to market with this class leading technology. We are also excited to be collaborating closely with Imagination’s engineering teams to get the maximum performance and efficiency from the multiple MIPS CPUs in our design.”

Tony King-Smith, EVP marketing, Imagination Technologies: “We congratulate Blu Wireless on the excellent progress they’ve made with their innovative HYDRA IP implementation on 40nm. We’re impressed with the performance they have achieved, thanks in part to MIPS’ high-performance, power-efficient architecture for multi-core embedded designs, and our comprehensive MIPS tools. We look forward to our continued close collaboration with Blu Wireless and their customers as they bring their leading edge family of Gigabit capable basebands to the market. ”

Blu Wireless can either license the HYDRA System IP or provide a full turnkey SoC product design for those customers requiring this service.

Lightning evaluation platforms are available now.

Blu Wireless will be demonstrating the HYDRA IP at Mobile World Congress from the 2nd to 5th March at the Imagination Technologies Booth in Hall 6 – 6E30. If you would like to meet with the team, please get in touch as soon as possible.