Ofcom Spectrum Event

We will be presenting at the OFCOM Spectrum Event on the 1st of October. It’s billed as an opportunity for government, industry and stakeholders to discuss the challenges and changes of the UK spectrum.

Blu Wireless will demonstrating a wireless 1 Gbps datalink using 60 GHz  phased array technology as well as discussing how the IEEE 802.11ad specification can be applied to deliver cost effective gigabit data rates for wireless back haul & access applications.   We will also be supported staff from the University of Bristol’s Centre for Communications Research with whom we are working on advanced technology for millimetre wave communications.

The event will focus on on-going short and long term priorities within the spectrum. It will be interesting to learn more about government plans and legislation, and to hear from Ofcom’s new spectrum group policy director, Philip Marknick.

The Ofcom Spectrum Event takes place on 1st October at Ofcom’s HQ at Riverside House, London