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5G mmWave leverages the high bandwidth of the mmWave spectrum to power Industry 4.0 applications. With 5G speeds of connectivity, new technologies like virtual reality and digital twins can be used to monitor equipment performance in real time, ensuring consistent quality assurance and productivity.

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Digitalising Workflows

mmWave is uniquely suited to smart factory applications thanks to its high frequency and low latency. Data is transferred seamlessly at speed between 5G sensors and IoT factory machinery and devices, bringing transparency and digital intelligence into workflows.

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Views and Insights on Industry 4.0

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  • Exploring 5G xHaul

    by Mark Barrett

    Exploring 5G xHaul

    As operators’ transport networks are placing their focus on 5G, they are increasingly looking for high bandwidth and low latency to support 5G services. But what does 5G xHaul stand for and why is it...

  • How Emerging Vertical Innovations will shape 5G

    by Ray McConnell

    How Emerging Vertical Innovations will shape 5G

    There’s a lot more to 5G than mobile connections. From health tech startups to automotive firms to warehouses and factories, countless business are set to benefit from the enhanced connectivity 5G brings. This next generation is...

  • Tomorrow’s Smart Factories will need 5G to survive

    by Blu Wireless

    Tomorrow’s Smart Factories will need 5G to survive

    The manufacturing industry is going through a radical transformation. Emerging technologies and futuristic cyber-physical systems increasingly occupy the factory floor. And the “Industry 4.0” movement is not slowing down. Manufacturing firms are investing $900 billion...

  • 5G Wireless Predictions for 2019

    by Blu Wireless

    5G Wireless Predictions for 2019

    From Virtual Reality to autonomous vehicles to telemedicine, there has been a lot of noise around 5G’s transformative capacity in 2018. In October, Forbes even predicted that a 5G Tsunami was incoming in 2019 and that “waves...