Wireless backhaul for smart cities

With smart cities on the rise, the demand for high bandwidth, low latency and reliable networks that can sustain generations of devices and applications is growing. These networks crucially rely on 5G backhaul technology to function seamlessly, particularly in dense urban environments. However, with existing core networks being closed and owned by operators, the advancement of smart city applications gets bottlenecked. Additionally, operators face the challenge of dividing their spectrum into access networks and backhaul.

Accelerating the 5G rollout

At 3+ gigabits per second per link, our dual link ORAN compatible mmWave 5G backhaul product provides a compelling solution for both smart cities and 5G backhaul for operators. Using the license exempt 57-71 GHz band, our mmWave equipment delivers the high performance, scalability, and flexibility needed for supporting the denser networks and higher bandwidth necessary for 5G deployments. Furthermore, using mmWave spectrum for backhaul means costly licenced spectrum can be retained exclusively for consumer access, ensuring high ROI and an uncompromised network performance for operators.

5G mmWave connected city

The technology at a glance

We lower the cost of deployment and increase connectivity possibilities for 5G smart city applications and backhaul core networks by creating unlicensed small cell mmWave networks based on existing roadside infrastructure.

  • Carrier-grade, multi-gigabit performance
  • Long range connectivity (>1km)
  • Small and lightweight (<2kg) equipment
  • Low power (50W) form factor unit
  • Integrated low-profile phased array antenna
  • Easy deployment means flexible, scalable networks
5G networking equipment

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