Who needs London?

Good article in today’s Guardian about the rise of UK’s tech, culture and financial regional hubs. The article features Blu Wireless Technology’s very own Rula Arbash.

“Rula has lived in the Middle East, Madrid and London, and speaks Arabic and Spanish, as well as English. But rather than finding a job in one of Europe’s great capitals, 28-year-old Rula Arbash has a challenging, rewarding, fun job and a great lifestyle in Bristol. “I love my job. I enjoy coming into work every single day,” she says. “There is so much going on within my industry here, so many chances to network, to develop, to further your career. Bristol is just wonderful.”

“Arbash works for a company called Blu Wireless Technology, that designs the electronics that will power the next generation of wireless communication devices, enabling the transmission of video and other “big data” in seconds rather than minutes. As a junior front-end design engineer, Arbash designs some of the high-speed circuits that process the wireless data.”

Blu Wireless is hiring talented engineers to work on the next generation of wireless communication in what McKinsey recently identified as the tech cluster experiencing the fastest “internationally significant” growth outside London. More information may be found on our careers page.