WiGig market hotting up for 2014 growth

Good to see recent developments occurring from the Wi-Fi alliance surrounding WiGig (aka 802.11ad). One of the big challenges for any new technology is making sure it works with everything that’s out there so it’s not a hassle to integrate.

As the WiGig Alliance became part of the WiFi alliance in January, the handover between the two wireless standards will be well managed. The next challenge will be wired standards, (particularly USB), and display (HDMI).

So it was good to see the latest press release from the WiFi Alliance, which stated:

“Wi-Fi Alliance has engaged with the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) and has formally transferred the WiGig Serial Extension Specification to that organization, which plans to use it as a foundation to develop a Media Agnostic USB Specification. It is expected that WiGig CERTIFIED and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products will implement USB functionality.”


“Wi-Fi Alliance has also engaged in a Liaison Agreement with the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) to facilitate the certification of products based on the WiGig Display Extension Specification, which is expected to be implemented in some WiGig CERTIFIED products.”

Analysts are expecting WiGig certified products to hit the market next year and the number of Triband / standalone WiGig chip vendors is due to sky rocket especially as 60GHz IP – such as our HYDRA – hits the market.

And, if Pocket-Lint’s hands on experience with Panasonic’s WiGig enabled tablets / TVs at this year’s Intel Developers Forum is anything to go by…  2014 will live up to the hype.