Sivers IMA and Blu Wireless display exceptional 5G performance

In a remarkable technical feat, Sivers IMA and Blu Wireless have jointly achieved connection speeds in excess of 1 Gbps during live outdoor testing over a distance of 700 meters.

By combining Sivers IMA’s award-winning RF technology with Blu Wireless’s market-leading mmWave technology, the companies have proved the potential of the unlicensed 5G spectrum; particularly the 60 GHz band (57 – 64 GHz). This huge accomplishment – the first and only unlicensed 5G solution of its kind with full coverage of the 57 – 71 GHz band – opens up many opportunities for new applications of unlicensed 5G technology, from high-speed transport to consumer 5G networking.

The 60 GHz band has long been recognized as ideal for dense urban data networks because of its large capacity combined with its excellent spectrum reuse enabled by oxygen absorption. While the use of phased array antenna technology enables novel mesh network architectures and significantly reduces the size and cost of equipment compared to conventional fixed antenna technology, it has also been known to reduce range for some applications. But with the addition of the 64 – 71 GHz unlicensed spectrum, in combination with the Sivers IMA TRX BF01 Transceiver RF IC and the HYDRA baseband platform from Blu Wireless, the connection can now travel much further.

Data-dependent industry applications which had previously been perceived as technically impossible can now be leveraged. This will enable network operators and service providers to innovate within their markets with 5G, taking full advantage of the unlicensed band.

Sivers IMA and Blu Wireless will run live demonstrations in hall 5 at stand 5E81 at the Mobile World Congress between February 25th – 28th, 2019.