Mind the gap – a bridge to 5G

Last week we attended Broadband World Forum in Berlin with our partners Sivers IMA where we showcased a live demonstration of fixed wireless access at 60GHz. This in turn sparked a lot of interesting conversations…we’ve compiled a snapshot of the questions that were top of mind for some well-known tier 1 players at the show:

What’s the maximum line of sight transmission range? – Up to 500m
For this distance, what is the maximum throughput? – Using a lower order modulation such as QPSK, up to 2Gbps
What’s the frequency bandwidth of the system? – 1.76GHz
How many multi-station points does the system support? – Currently 8 stations with support for 32 beginning next year
What RF channel support do you have? – 6 channels with Sivers IMA covering 57-71GHz

From the exciting conversations undertaken at BBWF, it really does seem that many organisations are looking for a way of bridging the gap to 5G right now, and looking to us as we can provide a cost-effective, robust solution. For more information on how we can help you bridge that gap, contact info@bluwirelesstechnology.com