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Traditionally, maritime operations have experienced a lack of broadband connectivity. We have come a long way from semaphore systems to communicate. Maritime operations require speed, stealth, highly reliable and available connectivity, particularly in complex naval scenarios.

Pier-side and Base logistical operations often don’t need LPI/LPD communications but afloat we know from many examples that sophisticated adversaries’ ESM systems can be staggeringly lethal.  Stealth is a must to ensure Battle Group survivability.

An integrated, covert communications platform

IEEE 5G Wireless equipment, using the mmWave frequency bands at 57-71 GHz, has the unique ability to meet this technical challenge, and deliver robust and covert multi- maritime communications.

IEEE 5G mmWave-based networks comprise of multiple points, or nodes, that communicate with each other wirelessly, and do not depend on a central hub. This architecture allows for low-latency routing of data, a very important feature for fire-control systems.

Furthermore, mmWave-based 5G networks can integrate with existing ethernet connected technologies, linking various systems to create a comprehensive Zero Trust cybersecurity framework that safeguards the secure transmission of vast quantities of data.  

By leveraging covert mmWave-based networks, military forces can deploy reliable and stealthy communication networks with LPI/LPD capabilities.

The technology at a glance

Our mmWave wireless communication systems deliver high-quality, quick-to-deploy, advanced security networks for our customers. Based on IEEE 5G the Blu Wireless networking equipment seamlessly meets the needs of covert maritime communications:

  • Small, light and power efficient
  • Standalone, secure & stealthy
  • Beamforming enables a covert communications platform (LPI/LPD)
  • Can easily be interfaced to other communications systems
  • Flexible use of non-commercial spectrum
  • Resilient to single point failures and channel interference
  • 3 Gbps over distances of up to 500 meters and 100 Mbps at 4 km
  • Simple and rapid set-up

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  • Product Brief: PhantomBlu

    Product Brief: PhantomBlu

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