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Empowering smarter security to support the effective population via next generation video surveillance is a key challenge in connected environments. Unlicensed mmWave products and systems provide a flexible, low power and cost effective solution for the deployment of CCTV video systems. The use of mmWave wireless complements the use of fibre to reduce deployment timescale and costs, as well as providing the ability to integrate with public transport systems such as buses and trains. With gigabit grade high-speed connections, mmWave technology enables customers to replace reactive strategies with predictive and preventative technology – creating more future-proofed security solutions.

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Public Safety Systems and Operations

Efficient and responsive public safety at scale requires faster and highly resilient connections. Our high bandwidth, low latency robust mmWave network technology enables effective and reliable public safety operations. We work in collaboration with our clients and partners to create intelligent and flexible solutions, building a connected ecosystem together.

Our mmWave equipment can be customised and scaled for any environment or application, from critical infrastructure security, emergency services, and transport systems to commercial organisations. No matter what range, situational or environmental challenges need to be overcome, we can deliver integrated solutions that can be deployed over vast areas and infrastructure, connecting many applications throughout.

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Technical highlights

Blu Wireless’s rich feature set and mesh networking technology enables authorities and security personnel to optimise their responses. Whether for ongoing operations, emergency response or routine security, our highly configurable solutions provide the right support to maximise public safety.

  • High bandwidth for real-time data processing and communication
  • Fully complementary to fibre and 3GPP wireless access technologies
  • Carrier-grade performance featuring interference mitigation
  • Aggregated links for scalable networks
  • GCMP AES 256 bit encrypted wireless connection
  • Future proofed for advanced SON and mesh configurations
  • 11ad wireless standard and pre-11ay performance and features
  • License exempt, supporting all six channels over 57-71 GHz (EU and USA).
  • Variable frequency channelization from 1800 to 100 MHz, to support extended range (4 km+) and ultra-dense system deployments
  • Minimal touch time for set-up

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technical highlight

“We’ve been working with Blu Wireless for the past year on a development program, and have found the team competent, professional and responsive. Their performance was so strong that we have already initiated discussions for future collaborations in related product areas.”

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