Empowering 5G Private Networks with High-Performance mmWave Solutions

In a world where gigabit connectivity is becoming a necessity, you need to ensure you have the highest performing networking equipment on the market, flexible enough to meet your business needs and get you to market fast. At 3+ gigabits per second per link, our dual link ORAN compatible mmWave backhaul product provides a compelling solution for small cell networks using the license exempt 57-71 GHz band. These high levels of speed are essential in supporting the denser networks and higher bandwidth needed for 5G deployments.

The high performance, scalability, and flexibility of our 5G mmWave equipment can future proof your broadband in the face of rising multi-device connectivity, ensuring an outstanding experience for customers and a high return on investment for operators. Current backhaul solutions struggle to meet the density and latency requirements as well as providing the reach, capacity, and network availability that’s cost effective. Blu Wireless’ mmWave backhaul equipment can significantly reduce the cost and difficulty of deploying 5G connectivity. This fibre-equivalent wireless technology completes 5G integrated access and backhaul in the built environment at a fraction of the cost and with minimal disruption.


Advanced 5G backhaul

mmWave for Backhaul

What’s unique about Blu Wireless is our total system development capability which we provide through our vertically integrated solutions. The deep understanding of the core silicon to system products means that control and optimisation of our product from the radio up into the networking application layers sits entirely in house, eliminating any complex communication paths for our customers and delivering a complete robust product. Our in depth, solutions led approach to partnership means competitive advantage for our customer, as you will become part of a trusted highly skilled, scalable, and flexible partner ecosystem, all under one roof.

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Undeniable Advantages

Blu Wireless ensures an outstanding experience for customers and high return on investment for operators through…

  • Ultra-fast data transmission

  • Scalable networks supporting density

  • Flexible and effortless deployment

  • Extremely low latency

  • Security

  • Reach over long distances

Technical Highlights

  • Based on Blu Wireless HYDRA mmWave modem IP for IEEE 802.11-2016 DMG
  • 5G Infrastructure and high-speed protocol extensions
  • IP67 packaging for outdoor trial deployments
  • ARM-based network processor, Linux OS
  • Fibre interconnect and 48 V power
  • PCIe radio/modem sub-assembly supporting integration with customer designs

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