Modern Day Technology at Modern Day Marine

Earlier this month, we exhibited at the annual Modern Day Marine event in Washington DC from 30 April 2 May 2024, the largest military equipment, systems, services and technology exposition targeted at Marine Corps.

It was a fantastic occasion, with more than 300 companies exhibiting, and the event featured a number of insightful industry presentations covering the latest in emerging equipment, vehicles, technology and training systems. The overarching themes this year were the increasing use of drones in tactical warfare, military vehicle development and increasingly intelligent weapons systems.

As we’ve seen in the Russian-Ukraine conflict in recent years, electronic warfare (EW) is at the forefront of battlefield real-time intelligence, and it’s vital that military defences adapt and invest in this area.

However, the predominant near-peer tactical challenge is the inherent detectability of all devices connected of networked forces, be it sub-6 GHz military radios, HF, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3GPP commercial or private 5G mobile networks. We all know that Low Probability of Detection (LPD) and the associated element of surprise are absolutely crucial in military scenarios.

mmWave with LPD

On the Blu Wireless stand, we demonstrated our innovative PhantomBlu mmWave platform, an ultra-Low Probability of Detection (LPD) gigabit wireless networking platform which provides almost two orders of magnitude improvement in LPD performance compared to traditional sub-6 GHz military radios, while simultaneously and substantially increasing networking data rates on the move.

Demonstrating alongside BAE Systems’ Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV30), we showcased the dynamic mesh networking capabilities of PhantomBlu which enables point-to-point and multipoint connectivity, daisy-chaining reach Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) and multi-gigabit data rates on land and at sea.

The technology enables stealthy, real-time C2 and ISR on the battlefield and we received an outstanding response from customers, other exhibitors and prospective users. The excitement was palpable from those seeing the demonstration, and the feedback from attendees was that the size, weight and footprint of PhantomBlu was fantastic; welcome reactions to our flagship technology.

We also debuted a handheld PhantomBlu product that we’ve delivered to a UK customer and received orders for US Government applications during the event.  Overall, Modern Day Marine was a really positive and productive event for Blu Wireless. We’re entering a new era of the connected gigabit battlefield where network performance on the move can provide a critical tactical advantage and our focus is on bringing technology to market that gives tactical range, situational and environmental advantages to users.

Integrated solutions such as ours, that can be deployed over vast areas while meeting operational objectives with minimal risk to personnel will be crucial to mission success in the future.

The whole event was a triumph, so a huge congratulations to the whole team who both attended or worked behind the scenes. See you at the next Modern Day Marine!

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