Blu Wireless’s mmWave network at Liverpool: the most significant vertical sector deployment by a vendor

Blu Wireless’s mmWave network, as part of Liverpool’s Connecting Health and Social Care programme, has been announced as the most significant vertical sector deployment by a vendor, alongside consortium partner Broadway Partners, at last week’s 5G Realised conference.

Supported by UK5G and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, this conference is part of 5G Week. Designed to push forward the 5G ecosystem, it aims to connect industry leaders across the spectrum: from government institutions and operators to independent vendors. It explores the multitude of applications for 5G, and how to realise them.

Highlighting the importance of collaboration and innovation, the awards celebrate leaders of 5G Adoption, Business Cases and Deployment across the entire ecosystem, around the world.

The mmWave network at Liverpool 5G, implemented by Blu Wireless, stood out to judges because of its scalability in dense, urban environments, consistently reliable, high bandwidth coverage and an ability to be rapidly deployed. This makes innovative technologies, aimed at supporting care providers, much more accessible for wider application, ultimately enhancing the delivery of critical services for patients at home.

CEO at Blu Wireless, Alan Jones comments: “This recent award win shows the increasingly strategic role mmWave will play in the wider 5G ecosystem, both in the UK and globally. Our leading mmWave technology empowers our partners to innovate through 5G connectivity in a variety of demanding applications – not only in Health and Social Care, but also across Smart Cities, Transport and Defence.”

It was fantastic to see that the AutoAir project, in which Blu Wireless is a partner as well, has also been recognised as using 5G technology in the most innovative way.

The technology for both projects is pioneering and promises to bring about a shift in 5G applications. Blu Wireless was honoured to receive the award for Liverpool 5G alongside Broadway Partners and the many other innovators, the full list of which is available here.