Demand for connectivity on the move is surging

The demand for reliable connectivity for high-speed transport is on the rise, driven by the growth of data-intensive applications and consumer demand for connected journeys. However, achieving uninterrupted and fast connectivity in moving vehicles travelling up to 160mph is no easy task, especially for transport and mobility applications. Tunnels, deep cuttings, bridges, foliage, curves, and reflective surfaces all pose challenges to achieving reliable connectivity on the move.

Rail-5G enabled by mmWave delivers carrier-grade connectivity

Through leveraging mmWave technology, companies can now implement fast, dependable, and affordable connectivity, delivering gigabit throughput that meets current and future vehicle system demands. The deployment is ‘plug and play’, meaning it’s quick and easy by making use of existing infrastructure wherever possible. Uniquely, our equipment does not require any complex, power hungry and expensive ‘core network’ infrastructure, making it easier to scale and more flexible to deploy.

Rail 5G in complex environments

The technology at a glance

By connecting trackside and vehicular roof mounted nodes there are no breaks in the connection. Even when the vehicle is travelling through deep cuttings, obscuring environments or tunnels, the network will provide a consistent and seamless connectivity to and within the vehicle.

  • Small and lightweight (<2kg) equipment, that requires a fraction of DC power when compared to conventional public cellular systems.
  • Easy to deploy by using existing infrastructure
  • Each node features two-sector radios for seamless connectivity
  • Sophisticated beam choreography ensures 3Gbit/s throughput, continuously and at high speeds
  • The Mobile Connection Manager provides a new approach to multi-link management
Complete Rail 5G equipment

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