Blu Wireless attends The Marine Corps Systems Command’s Tech Talk

Late last December I had the privilege to attend the Marine Corps Systems Command’s monthly Tech Talk which provides an opportunity for the Advance Technology Integrators (ATIs) associated with the various Marine Corps Systems Command’s program offices to meet and share information that impacts modernisation.

Supporting Command Post On-The-Move and At-The-Halt

Along with our partner, Cubic Defense, led by Brian Somers and Scott Smiley, we supported a live demonstration of Cubic Defense | DTECH Mission Solutions’ integrated, distributed command post solution. This holistic concept represents Cubic Defense’s groundbreaking solution for the distributed command post On-The-Move (OTM) and At-The-Halt (ATH). The solution incorporates the PhantomBlu mmWave wireless (57-71 GHz) tactical inter-vehicle network providing Low Probability of Detection (LPD) with speeds over 1 Gbit/sec.

How the Blu Wireless technology enables DTECH Mission Solution

The PhantomBlu multigigabit LPD wireless network provides the dispersed, mobile, and survivable command post with the following capabilities:

  • Command post vehicles can be arbitrarily placed anywhere with line-of-sight (LOS) to at least one other vehicle.
  • No distinction between ATH and OTM operation eliminates the extended time required to transition to/from OTM operations (e.g., synchronize servers to real-time data).
  • Easy to deploy and operate: Deployment and operation similar to a home Wi-Fi router with low SWAP.
  • Self-forming and self-updating mesh network reconfigures to changing vehicle position, participants, and availability.
  • 1+ gigabit/sec broadband connectivity enables bandwidth hungry C2 and ISR applications for survivability and mission execution.
  • Configurable LPD modes for Ultra-LPD performance (<2 km detection range).
  • Designed for Mobility: Embedded waveform Doppler correction enabling On-The-Move (OTM) wireless communications at highway speeds and above.

PhantomBlu prototype 

Providing a glimpse into the future

Cubic’s DTECH Mission Solution’s M3-SE and M3X compute and networking products provided the Marine Corps attendees with a compelling vision of the future command post capable of seamless communication On-the-Move.

“Distributed command posts require a holistic solution that supports communication across a distributed network. The Blu Wireless 5G mmWave network provides robust LPI/LPD connectivity that’s highly suitable for DDIL environments. We’re super excited to be partnering with Blu Wireless to provide the next generation of tactical connectivity,” commented Brian Somers, Business Development Director, Cubic Defense | DTECH Mission Solutions.

If you’re interested in the PhantomBlu Family, download the Product Brief or get in touch.