mmWave solution for the military explained – Interview with Evan Kirstel

We were delighted when B2B TechFluencer and Industry Expert, Evan Kirstel, requested an interview with us after seeing our content about drones in a tactical environment on LinkedIn.

He spoke with Macy Summers (CEO & President of Blu Wireless Inc.) earlier this week and the video was livestreamed across Evan’s huge social network.

Watch the full interview below (18 mins long)

It covers:

  • The founding story of Blu Wireless
  • Our value proposition for the defence market
  • How the system works like a home network with multiple connections, only all on the move!
  • How we differentiate from lower band frequencies such as 3GPPP
  • The demands of a tactical environment
  • Reducing a very complex system into a simple system and still provide the critical mesh networking
  • Persistent communications for military drones
  • What’s next for wireless
  • Army 2030  – innovators in electronic warfare
  • Blu Wireless’ plans for 2024

Read the full transcript here.

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