Blu Wireless Technology announces the HYDRA 2.X family of System IP for 802.11ay mmWave applications

Blu Wireless Technology announces the HYDRA 2.X family of 802.11ay System IP solutions, designed for wireless applications demanding fibre-level performance. The HYDRA 2.X family of System IP can be configured to reach throughputs ranging from 10Gbps to over 100Gbps and supports many of the new proposed features of the 802.11ay standard – including channel bonding and MIMO.

Blu Wireless’s HYDRA 1.X System IP – already at the heart of the RWM6050 chip from IDT – includes many pre-11ay features, such as dynamic feature TDMA scheduling, co-channel interference mitigation, accelerated packet aggregation, 64QAM modulation and can achieve 10Gbps. The HYDRA 2.X family of System IP is built on this foundation, and can be provided to customers either as a standalone IP or via a turnkey SoC design service tailored to meet individual customers’ needs.

Set to be formally ratified in 2019, the 802.11ay standard has been designed to serve the needs of next-generation consumer and telecoms wireless applications, requiring lightning speeds of up to 100 Gbps at sub-millisecond latency. Blu Wireless are accelerating the time to market for this ground-breaking technology for its lead customers with fully Wi-Fi certified products based on the HYDRA 2.X family of System IP anticipated to enter the market in 2020.

HYDRA 2.X is a uniquely cost-effective and flexible solution that can be configured for multiple applications to deliver reliable high-speed V2V and V2X connectivity; address the demand for 5G Fixed Wireless Access and backhaul and enable multiple use cases for ultra-high-definition video streaming for TV, virtual reality and augmented reality.

“By engaging now, our customers will be at the forefront of the next wave of connectivity, able to introduce .11ay solutions to the market ahead of the certification process in 2020.” commented Blu Wireless Technology CEO, Henry Nurser. “Like our customers, we’re proud to already be looking beyond pre-11ay to products that can be certified as fully .11ay compliant. By providing customers with the choice as to which .11ay features they want to enable, customers can size their solution to meet the needs of their target markets – whether this be next-generation consumer VR streaming or 5G networking.”

Blu Wireless are already in negotiations with multiple licensees about HYDRA 2.X, many of whom are world leaders in their sectors, including FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 telecoms, transport and media companies.

Blu Wireless invites those interested in joining our growing ecosystem of HYDRA 2.X customers to get in touch with us today –