Sivers IMA signs agreement with Blu Wireless Technology

Sivers IMA today announced that it has signed an agreement with Blu Wireless Technology (Blu), a company that designs and licenses baseband modem IP for mmWave applications – including the 802.11ad standard within the Wi-Fi Alliance (also known as WiGig®).  Under the agreement, Blu will integrate and optimize its WiGig Hydra baseband modem IP with Sivers IMA’s WiGig RFIC. This will enable Sivers IMA to market a complete WiGig solution compliant with the 802.11ad standard. This includes a baseband modem and a transceiver with steerable antennas. In addition to conventional WiGig applications, Blu’s scalable HYDRA technology can be configured for telecommunication infrastructure solutions such as radio links, access points and Gigabit to the home (GBTH).

Like Sivers IMA’s other products, its WiGig solution is based on its own SiGe RFIC. This solution provides the best price-performance for customers that develop or market infrastructure products with high performance requirements. This is due to the significantly higher output power of the SiGe process when compared to competing technologies.

”Solutions based around WiGig technologies are very interesting to us as they provide our customers with a more cost effective alternative to today’s telecom solutions. The agreement we have signed with Blu will give us access to its technology enabling us to offer a very attractive WiGig solution. We also intend to utilize derivatives of this technology for future 5G solutions – hence securing our road map” says Robert Ekström, CEO at Sivers IMA.

”We are pleased that Sivers IMA has selected our HYDRA technology for its WiGig solution. The capacity of this partnership to provide a complete solution targeting radiolinks, access and GigaBit to The Home (GBTH) heralds an exciting time for both companies as we see major opportunities emerging and can escalate our impact in this market. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership” says Henry Nurser, CEO at Blu Wireless Technology.