Blu Wireless accelerates growth with opening of new US business entity

Business expansion and appointment of local team will enable Blu Wireless to accelerate growth in the defence, public safety, and transport sectors, providing enhanced customer service in North America.

Blu Wireless, the leader in 5G mmWave networking equipment, has today announced the expansion into the United States with the launch of Blu Wireless Technology Inc. The new business entity will enhance the Company’s relationships with existing partners in key sectors across defence, public safety, transport, and smart cities, further strengthening its position for growth in the US market. Blu Wireless Inc. will be headed up by Macy Summers, an experienced Executive within the technology, defence IT, cybersecurity, and communications sector.

“The expansion into the US market is a key part of our business growth strategy,” explains Alan Jones, CEO, Blu Wireless. “In the last three years, the Company has strategically moved towards a business that offers turnkey system products, providing an innovative and vertically integrated solution. This platform has been deployed and commercially proven for rail applications; however, we see strong synergies with adjacent markets where we can leverage our capabilities as a business. With our unique differentiators, the Blu Wireless solution is ideally matched with the demanding needs of defence and public safety applications. The US in particular provides significant opportunities for Blu Wireless in these high value markets.”

The US team will be led by Macy Summers, who has been appointed as President, Blu Wireless Technology Inc. With 30+ years’ experience, he has held senior positions in the tech and defence sectors as VP of Strategy and Chief Technology Officer of Lockheed Martin IS&GS Defence, VP Technology at Pegasus Communications, VP of Broadband at ElectroMagnetic Sciences as well as Director of Telecoms Strategy at Scientific-Atlanta. Macy has a deep understanding of the complexities of US national communications networks and brings his technical expertise to help shape customers’ thinking around specialised networks.

“5G for the military and public safety is radically different from 5G for commercial consumer use,” Macy Summers comments. “Defence and public safety private networks require significantly more reliability and cannot afford a single point of failure. We want to help shape our customers’ thinking around the technology available to securely implement communication networks that support their combat, digital, cyber and space strategies.”

“Macy’s extensive experience and proven track record in these key business sectors for the Company will be invaluable as we look to progress US and International markets.” continues Alan Jones. “I am delighted that Macy has joined Blu Wireless at this exciting time for the Company.”