Blu Wireless wins new UK 5G Project

Blu Wireless, the leader in mmWave technology, announced today it is part of the winning bid for the new Liverpool 5G Create project from the UK’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS), a £7.2 million project. The 18-month programme will see Blu Wireless match-fund and play a significant role in delivering a robust, independent 5G network to help the vital NHS and Social Care services further develop in a post-Covid world.

Chief Business Development Officer at Blu Wireless, Henry Nurser comments: “This is a significant and positive step towards the UK’s ambitions for 5G and we’re extremely proud to have been chosen to be part of this journey. The diversity of the partners involved in helping deliver this project highlights the level of innovation, engineering prowess and ability to deliver that we have within this country.”

The project, led by the University of Liverpool, will build upon the initial 2018 Testbed & Trials programme with the core aim being to deliver a workable blueprint for private 5G enabled networks to deliver critical public services. Digital Infrastructure Minister Matt Warman said: “We’re funding this ground-breaking 5G project in Liverpool to explore new ways to provide healthcare remotely, which the pandemic has highlighted as an increasingly important issue. The scheme is also an opportunity to support leading UK technology companies such as Blu Wireless and encourage an innovative and diverse 5G market in this country.”

Henry Nurser continues: “The current Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the absolute need for remote services in health and social care and the lack of access to affordable, reliable connectivity that many communities suffer from. Private networks will have a disruptive role to play in accelerating the adoption of 5G applications within public services by helping remove the cost and coverage barriers that can constrain the wide adoption of technology, and can widen health inequalities.”

Blu Wireless has previously been involved in two successful DCMS funded projects as part of their 5G Testbeds and Trials programme. This included the initial Liverpool 5G project which this follows on from, and the AutoAir project that has helped place Blu Wireless’s technology at the heart of the nascent connected vehicle market. The AutoAir project significantly contributed to the company’s current position as the world leading supplier of gigabit internet services for high-speed trains – a solution now being rolled out in partnership with First Group.