How emerging vertical innovations will shape 5G for public safety networks

5G will bring about a wave of vertical innovation where industries have far more influence over how they connect. These new vertical use cases include smart cities, connected healthcare, industry 4.0 and high-speed transport – all of which are sectors that could benefit from fast, seamless internet access.

We are starting to see how these innovations will feed into the security systems in our daily lives and bring about improvements for public safety too. With greater network capacity, faster speeds, and ultra-low latencies, 5G will enable massive adoption of new public safety applications.

Meeting the needs of many with 5G innovation

To meet the needs of these emerging verticals, the telecoms sector will have to transform how it operates. With all the complexities and heterogeneities of the technologies involved in 5G, this will be quite the task, but made easier with pre-planning. In the case of public-safety organisations, strategy will come from governments and local councils in charge.

Traditionally, Public Safety networks have relied on narrowband mobile private radio systems such as TETRA and Project 25 (P25) for mission-critical communications. These systems will continue to be an important part of public safety services, but they lack the ability to handle large amounts of data.

By provisioning wireless technologies such as mmWave with open source cloud native software, organisations that feed into public safety – from tech companies to local authorities – can be empowered to innovate their own 5G network and provide universal coverage where it’s needed.

Network application performance

In this 5G mmWave-enabled future, we won’t have to worry about not being able to connect while we’re out and about, and the emergency management systems and CCTV that run behind the scenes to keep us safe will never have to experience any downtime.

We can also improve CCTV systems by combining real-time video feeds with social media, historic data, and acoustic sensor data, so law enforcement can use surveillance for predictive policing. This entails anticipating the probability of criminal acts occurring according to specific circumstances.

5G mmWave enhances capability for better network intelligence and better insight too, and this will be invaluable to shut down efforts by cyber criminals. By operating at 57 GHz – 71 GHz there is an opportunity to adaptively tune the covertness and vulnerability of the network, and with narrow beams and beamforming features, it is ideal for creating robust perimeter security.

On the day to day, connected streetlights (CSL) will replace traditional bulbs, brightening as drivers or pedestrians pass by for better visibility and safety, but also dimming when not required to reduce electricity wastage. An additional benefit of this connectivity to the cloud is that councils can strategically target repairs, rather than needlessly sending engineers out.

With 5G mmWave we can create safer, healthier environments and build infrastructures that allow services like these to thrive.

The evolving nature of 5G

In the future, public safety operators will look to 5G to meet the needs of citizens as they go about their daily lives. At Blu Wireless, we are building software tools designed to integrate wireless networking technology to be compatible with open source software tools our clients are using.

Our vast expertise in the domain of wireless communication systems and mmWave allows us to deliver high-quality, quick-to-deploy, advanced security networks for our customers, and customise connected solutions for even the most complex of environments.

The mmWave technology we deploy for our 5G systems is particularly unique, providing reliable connectivity with data transfer rates up to 100 times faster than 4G. By implementing our 5G mmWave networks for clients without recourse to licensed bands or fibre, we’re lowering the cost of 5G deployment and closely integrating 5G cloud native network applications innovation directly into our wireless technology platform.

Blu Wireless are empowering industry stakeholders to shape 5G deployment and innovation across the smart cities, high-speed transport, and industry 4.0 sectors. If you want to find out more about our 5G mmWave, get in touch with us today.